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Family Rides

Cyclesolihull wishes to encourage families with children to join suitable Cyclesolihull rides. To help you find the best rides for you we have highlight our Taster Rides and the the shorter Sunday Cycle Rides.

On these rides it is more likely there will be other families with young children and the pace will be more suitable for younger riders. Of course all types of rider are welcome - just expect these rides to be a little slower than some of the other rides.

In addition to our monthly 5 mile Taster ride, there is a longer (10 mile) ride each month from April to September so there are two short rides every month during this period.

You may also wish to consider our Evening Explorer rides which are also about 10 miles and run on some weekday evenings between May and August.

Before bringing young children on the rides please have a look at our 'Riding with Children' page.



Cyclesolihull Weather Station

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Cyclesolihull rides go ahead unless there is persistant heavy rain (not just showers), very strong winds, snow or ice. Rides are rarely cancelled (5 in 2010 due to snow and ice) but if we feel this is necessary because forecast bad weather we will try and put information about this on the website before the start of the ride.


Family Cycle Rides in 2018

The rides most suitable for families are highlighted in yellow   in our programme and consist of
Taster rides and our shorter S rides.  

(more information on start points).

Try Cyclesolihull's other rides:

Sunday Cycle Rides take place most Sundays at 2 pm. In addition to Taster and Family rides there are longer rides between about 15 and 20 miles long depending on which of the Cyclesolihull routes is being cycled.

Evening Explorer rides alternate between Wednesdays and Thursdays from mid-May to early August. They start at 7 pm from various locations and are about 10 miles long, following the shorter 'S' routes. There is a pub refreshment stop of about 30 minutes and the ride finish before 9 pm.

Saturday Stretcher rides are the longest Cyclesolihull rides at between 20 and 35 miles. There is no fixed route and they may use sections of busier roads. They are not suitable for small children.