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Essential things to bring on a Cyclesolihull ride

a roadworthy bike...and


"When I got a puncture someone helped me quickly change the inner tube and we soon got going again. It makes sense to carry a spare"

"I like the refreshment stop as it's a good chance to chat"

"cycle training has given me the confidence to come on the rides"


Getting Started

If you are new to cycling, or returning after a break, Cyclesolihull rides are an ideal way to get going. They use quieter roads, are at a leisurely pace and will probably include some riders at a similar stage to you. Here are a few tips to help you get going.

Your Bike

If you are buying a new bike, in general you get what you pay for in terms of the quality of the components. However more expensive bikes are also usually lighter which means you can go faster for less effort! There is no need to spend a fortune on a bike and any roadworthy bike will be fine for the rides. If your budget is tight, very inexexpensive second hand bikes are readily available. If your bike is causing you problems it is most likely to be a maintenace and adjustment issue rather than an excuse for a new bike!

E-bikes are getting more and more popular and can open cycling to a wider range of people. In particular they can really help going up steep hills! E-bikes are welcome on our rides.

Other People's Bikes

You will see all kind of bikes on Cyclesolihull Rides from 'racers' to mountain bikes, folders and e-bikes. It really doesn't matter what you have but the ride can be a useful opportunity to take a look at the range of bikes available!

Your Clothes

There is absolutely no need to wear any special 'cycling clothes'. However you will soon warm up so a number of thin layers is much better than one thick coat. Always have a wind and waterproof outer layer just in case, and gloves are essential in winter. Whether or not you choose to wear a helmet is up to you.

Nice idea but I am not cycling on dangerous roads!

Cyclesolihull rides do not use very busy roads and many of the lanes used are extremely quiet. However if you are still concerned about traffic you may find some cycle training will boost your confidence and help you feel safer and be safer. See our Cycle Training page.

Useful for the ride but certainly not essential

spare inner tube - quicker than mending a puncture and a lot easier for anyone who volunteers to help you!

mudguards - help banish the muddy streak up your back when the roads are wet.

panniers - help avoid the sweaty patch caused by a backpack in summer.

lock - have complete piece of mind whilst enjoying your refreshments.

money - see the cake and give in to temptation!

lights - useful when cycling home on evening and winter rides

mobile - how did we live without them?




Cyclesolihull Weather Station

What will the weather be like?

Weather forecast

See the local BBC forecast

See where the rain is now with the Met Office rradar

Cyclesolihull rides go ahead unless there is persistant heavy rain (not just showers), very strong winds, snow or ice. Rides are rarely cancelled (5 in 2010 due to snow and ice) but if we feel this is necessary because forecast bad weather we will try and put information about this on the website before the start of the ride.