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"Why did I wait 40 years to do this"

A women who had just ridden a bike for the first time after a few cycle lessons.


Cycle Training

If you can't ride a bike or don't feel confident on the road then cycle training could be just what you need. This is provided by local authorities, independent businesses and individual trainers guided by a National Standard for Cycle Training. PLEASE NOTE CYCLESOLIHULL DOES NOT PROVIDE CYCLE TRAINING.

If you didn't learn to ride as a child it is never too late to learn! Cycling is the perfect exercise at any age so if you can't ride you are missing out on a fun way to keep fit whilst also getting around quickly and cheaply.

If you avoid going on the road and some times cycle on the pavements (yes, it is illegal unless you are a child) even some basic cycle training will boost your confidence. Most local roads are fine to cycle along with just a basic level of on-road training.

Mums and Dads. Seeing your child ride for the first time is a great experience but If you are having problems getting them going, a bit of professional help can make a big difference and is less painful for everyone! For older children appropriate training may enable them to cycle to school and help them to become more independent..

Types of Training available:

  • Complete beginners (any age)
  • Getting back into cycling after a long break
  • Cycling to work or school
  • Help with family cycling and leisure cycling
  • Helping people with special needs

People who want to drive a car have to have hours of training and pass a series of tests. People who want to cycle can just get on their bike and ride! It is a great privilege but it is not too surprising that some people have problems and accidents happen which could be avoided with only a small amount of training.

There are qualified trainers across the country with most working for a local authorities. Some councils (including Solihull) provide basic training in all their primary schools. Others provide additional training in secondary schools and some training for adults, although this varies enormously across the country.

To find cycle training try searching on the internet using Google or another search engine.

Locally Purrfect Pedalling provides comprehensive and friendly training (including for child and adult complete beginners) in Solihull. Being local Purrfect Pedalling so can even tailor your training to the skills required for coming on Cyclesolihull rides!



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Cyclesolihull rides go ahead unless there is persistent heavy rain (not just showers), very strong winds, snow or ice. Rides are rarely cancelled (5 in 2010 due to snow and ice) but if we feel this is necessary because forecast bad weather we will try and put information about this on the website before the start of the ride.