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Cyclesolihull provides regular free cycle rides open to everyone!

Most are at a leisurely pace and our aim is that the rides should be friendly and fun whilst providing an opportunity to explore our local area. Rides do not have to be pre-booked - simply turn up at the start point for a pleasant few hours cycling with some other people.

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Cyclesolihull rides go ahead unless there is persistant heavy rain (not just showers), very strong winds, snow or ice. Rides are rarely cancelled but if we feel this is necessary because forecast bad weather we will try and put information about this on the website before the start of the ride.

last updated on 13 October 2016

Cyclesolihull's next rides...

Sat 15 October at 9.30 am from Dickens Heath library B90 1SD. A 30 mile Saturday Stretcher Ride.

Our longer and faster ride now takes place most weeks! The route is flexible and determined by the leader but will be about 30 miles with a refreshment stop. Finish by about 1.30 pm


Sunday 16 Oct at 1.30 pm from Brueton Park car park Warwick Rd B91 3HW. A 16 mile ride along Route M7.


A varied ride from the heart of Solihull with a mixture of suburban roads and country lanes to reach Ilshaw Heath, Hockley Heath and Dorridge for a refreshment stop. Finish about 4.15 pm.

Please note that Sunday rides now start at the earlier time of 1.30 pm.

Rides later this month...


Saturday 22 October at 9.30 am from Knowle parish church B93 0LN.  A 30 mile Saturday Stretcher Ride.

Our longer and faster ride now takes place most weeks! The route is flexible and determined by the leader but will be about 30 miles with a refreshment stop. Finish by about 1.30 pm

Sunday 23 October at 1.30 pm from Olton Park, Brackleys Way B92 8QE. A 12 mile ride along Route S19.


A varied ride which circles Solihull passing through a number of parks, connected by quiet roads. Many people find this fairly urban ride full of surprises   and there is remarkably little traffic. It is mostly flat too! Finish about 3.30 pm.



Our full Autumn and Winter Ride Programme is now  available. Download your copy from HERE.

Remember all Cyclesolihull rides are free and do not have to be pre-booked - simply turn at the start point with your bike for a pleasant few hours cycling with a few other people.


Available Now!

Download our new Autumn & Winter ride programme HERE

Which is the best Cyclesolihull ride for you?

Taster Rides - about 5 miles

'S' Routes - about 10 miles

'M' Routes - about 15 miles

'L' Routes - about 20 miles

'XL' Routes - about 25miles

These rides are timed at about 8 mph including catch-up stops (Taster riders may be a little slower).

Saturday Stretcher Rides:

about 30 miles

10 mph including catch-up stops

Choose the ride type that suits you and turn up with your bike - it's as simple as that!

See our ride-specific pages for more details about each type of ride.

Cyclesolihull in a nutshell...

Cyclesolihull rides are free and aim to be fun and friendly. Most of the rides use one of over 30 fixed routes, mainly along quiet lanes and avoiding busy or difficult roads. Nearly all of the routes have downloadable leaflets so you can check them out before riding. Everybody is welcome on the rides - male or female, young or old - there is no need to book so just turn up at the start point with any roadworthy bike. If you are not sure you can cycle the distance it is best to try one of the Taster or 'S' rides first. This is especially important if you are bringing children - we want their first Cyclesolihull ride to be a happy one! Younger riders are welcome on all Sunday rides but it is suggested they try a Taster or Family ride first. Saturday Stretcher rides are longer and a bit faster so are not suitable for children but confident teenage riders are welcome. If you want further information about rides email us at info@cyclesolihull.org.uk or speak to Stephen on 07896 885726. To help you keep in touch you can subscribe to a monthly email newsletter and you can follow Cyclesolihull on facebook and twitter (@cyclesolihull). See our contacting Cyclesolihull page.

Cyclesolihull Community Rides are a great way to get cycling more!

  • no need to worry about getting lost.
  • informal help if something goes wrong with your bike.
  • meet new people.
  • nothing to pay or join - just turn up.
  • no need for special bikes or clothes
  • a variety of rides to suit all types of cyclist.
  • children who are used to riding on quiet roads with their parents are welcome on most rides

Cyclesolihull routes cover most of the minor roads in and around Solihull so are an ideal way of exploring the local area. Discover somewhere new close to home!

What's it all about?

Cyclesolihull is a volunteer-led community initiative to encourage more people to cycle in Solihull. Cycling is a fun and healthy way of getting around. We produce a growing range of route leaflets to encourage people to explore their local area by bike and provide regular opportunties for people to ride together along these routes. It is easy to get involved - just ride the route yourself or turn up and join one of the community cycle rides! Last year over 1400 people joined some 70 rides. We also provide general information about cycling in the solihull area to anyone who requests it.

Cycling for Everyone

lf all this sounds great but you can't ride a bike or need more confidence to cycle on the road consider some cycle training. This is available locally - you can find details on our Getting Started and Cycle training pages.