About Cyclesolihull

Cyclesolihull was started in 2005 by volunteers who wanted to encourage more cycling in Solihull. Since then over 50 cycle routes have been developed and over 1,400 rides have taken place involving over 15,000 riders. 

Cyclesolihull was originally started by the Solihull Cycling Steering Group, a group of volunteers interested in cycling which was convened and supported by Solihull MBC.  In 2012 Cyclesolihull became an independent membership organisation to promote and encourage cycling within Solihull. 

Main Activities 
 - regular free cycle rides which are open to everyone.
 - development of free cycle route leaflets to encourage people to explore the local area. 
 - occasional promotional stalls and other activities. 

Supporting Cyclesolihull
The best way to support Cyclesolihull is to come on the rides and tell other people about them. We also need people to help lead the rides and act as backmarkers. If you would like to help please email us  at infocyclesolihull@gmail.com.

Cyclesolihull membership enables you to get involved in the organisation and development of Cyclesolihull. Membership is free and automatic for anyone who is over 16, comes on 5 rides in a calendar year and provides us with contact details. Membership lasts until the end of the following calendar year.

The day to day organisation of Cyclesolihull is undertaken by a committee drawn from Cyclesolihull members. Present committee members will serve until the next AGM which is held in February or March each year. Members are entitled to vote at the AGM.

if you want to know more about how things work download our constitution.

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