Route & Ride Start Points

Cyclesolihull Routes and Rides start from over 20 different points around Solihull so there should be one close to you! 

All start points have  nearby parking if you decide to bring your bike by car although many people enjoy riding to the start point as part of their trip. Most of the parking is free but do check for local charges and time limitations, particularly if you are riding on weekdays.

Listed below are the start points and the routes starting from there, together with a nearby postcode for satnav users. You can also click on map for a Google streetview and map of the start point. The postcodes given are of nearby buildings so the map centre and satnav destination may not represent the exact start location but it will be close by. 

Balsall Common, library, Kenilworth Rd CV7 7ELS8, M8, L8map
Bentley Heath Park, car park, Widney Rd B93 9BQ S13, M13map
Brueton Park, car park, Warwick Rd B91 3HW   M7, L7map
Catherine-de-Barnes, The Boat, Hampton Lane B91 2TJS3map
Castle Bromwich parish church, Chester Rd B36 9DES18, M18map
Chelmsley Wood, Meriden Park car park, Moorend Ave B37 5TBS17, M17, 3Parksmap
Cheswick Green, shops, Cheswick Way B90 4JAS9, M9, L9map
Coleshill, car park, Parkfield Rd B46 3NTS15, M15, L15map
Dickens Heath library, Old Dickens Heath Rd B90 1SDT4, S4, L4map
Dorridge Park, car park, Arden Rd B93 8LRT1map
Dorridge rail station, Station Approach B93 8JAS1, L1map
Elmdon Park playground car park, Tanhouse Farm Road B92 9EY3Parksmap
Hockley Heath post office, Stratford Rd B94 6QTS11, M11, L11map
Knowle, parish church, High St B93 0LNS2, M2, L2map
Lapworth, rail station Station Rd B94 6JJM16map
Lyndon, Barn Lane Rec. Ground, Richmond Rd B92 7SA M20map
Marston Green, car park, Elmdon Lane B37 7AES12, M12, L12map
Malvern Park, playground car park, Malvern Park Ave B91 3EAS7map
Meriden, The Green CV7 7LNS5, M5, L5map
Monkspath, Shelly Farm shops, Farmhouse Way B90 4EHT6, S6, M6map
Olton Park, Brackleys Way B92 8QES19map
Sheldon Country Park car park, Ragley Drive B26 3TU3 Parksmap
Shirley Park, car park behind Aldi, Stratford Rd B90 3AGM14map
Solihull Lodge, Daisy Farm Park car park B14 4PJS10, M10map

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