Cycling with Children

Children love cycling with their parents on a 'real' cycle ride and it is surprising how far they can go! Cyclesolihull rides are an ideal way for children to get experience of riding on the road and they will learn a lot just by watching adults riding. Cyclesolihull rides also help children to get to know their local area better. 

Bringing Children on Cyclesolihull Rides
We welcome children on our shorter rides but the nature of the rides means that parents or guardians must accept responsibility for the supervision and safety of their children. You should especially bear this in mind if you are bringing a number of children. If you need assistance please ask, as on most rides there will usually be someone willing to help out on an informal basis. Children from 7 upwards have enjoyed Cyclesolihull rides but whatever their age we suggest you try the Taster and the short 'S' rides first unless they are already used to cycling longer distances. 

Tips for riding with young children
Try and get across some of the basics before coming on the ride. For example: riding on the left side of the road (check this by asking them to point to the side they should ride on) and always stopping at any white lines across the road (eg. give ways). 

It is usually best to cycle slightly behind young children and slightly further out from the kerb as this protects them from passing traffic. On approaching a junction draw level with them and tell them what to do using simple terms (stop, go etc.). Don't rely on saying left or right but point to where you want them to go "We are turning left down there (point)". Even if they know left and right children can easily become confused. Children can find right turns particularly difficult so it may be best to stop on the left first. If there are two adults "sandwich" the child between them.

On Cyclesolihull rides please discourage your children from cycling on the pavement even if they normally do this. They will be safer riding with the other riders on the road. Please make sure children have sensible clothes for the expected weather conditions. Children may not want to bring waterproofs and gloves...until it rains and their hands are cold so pack them anyway. If you bring a child on a child seat remember they will get colder than you do. In summer don't forget to bring sun protection! Always be realistic about how far your children will be able to cycle.  

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