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Cyclesolihull Routes

Cyclesolihull have developed over 50 routes using quiet roads and paths in and around Solihull. They range from 5 to 25 miles and cover 800 miles in total. Download some free Route Guides and get exploring!

Key Facts
All the routes are circular. They mainly use quiet country lanes and suburban roads. Where necessary slightly busier roads are used for short sections but no very busy roads are used. Some routes use sections of off-road cycle path and cycle lanes. 

Route Lengths
Routes vary from 5 to 25 miles. To make it easier to identify suitable routes they are classified by length (a letter) and start point (a number)
Short about 10 miles
Medium about 15 miles
Long about 20 miles
EXtra Long about 25 miles

For example Start Point 2 is Knowle so S2 and M2 are short and medium routes from Knowle.

Route Guides
All routes have a Route Guide which can be downloaded. They contain detailed easy-to-follow instructions to enable you to ride the route and include a map. 

GPX Files
GPS users can also download gpx files for each route. These files can also be used in certain smartphone apps including Google Maps.

Riding the Routes
The routes are designed to be cycled alone or with family and friends. Cyclesolihull Sunday and Evening Explorer rides use many of these routes so are a great way to ride them with other people.