Cyclesolihiull Route Guides

There are over 50 free Cyclesolihull Route Guides to download. Each has a map and detailed route directions. For GPS users there is also a GPX file available.

Available Route Guides are grouped in order of the ride length which is indicated by the letter: 

T Taster Route - about 5 miles
S Short Route - about 10 miles
M Medium Route - about 15 miles
L Long Route - about 20 miles
XL Extra Long Route - about 25 miles

The route number indicates the start point.

For example S2, M2 and L2 all start from Knowle.
Please note that numbers 1 and 7, Dorridge Park/Station and Malvern Park/Brueton Park represent two different but nearby start points which vary depending on the route. 

List and download Taster and Short Routes

List and download Medium, Long and Extra Long Routes

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