Route Guides

There are over 50 free Cyclesolihull Route Guides to download. Each has a map and detailed route directions. For GPS users there is also a GPX file available. 

Available Route Guides are listed below in order of the ride length which is indicated by the letter: 

T Taster Route - about 5 miles
S Short Route - about 10 miles
M Medium Route - about 15 miles
L Long Route - about 20 miles
XL Extra Long Route - about 25 miles

The route number indicates the start point.

For example S2, M2 and L2 all start from Knowle.
Please note that numbers 1 and 7, Dorridge Park/Station and Malvern Park/Brueton Park each represent two different but nearby start points which vary depending on the route. These are labelled a and b in the table.

Download Route Guides (as a pdf) and GPX files (as text) by clicking on the table.

T1aDorridge ParkPackwood, Darley Greenguidegpx
T4Dickens HeathTidbury Green, Earlswoodguidegpx
T6Monkspath Illshaw Heath, Blythe Valley Parkguidegpx
Dorridge StationPackwood, Lapworthguidegpx
S2KnowleBarston, Temple Balsall/Fen Endguidegpx
S3Cathrine-de-BarnesHampton in Arden, Barsonguidegpx
S4Dickens HeathTanworth, Earlwoodguidegpx
S5MeridenMaxstoke, Kinwalseyguidegpx
S6Monkspath Cheswick Green, Hockley Heathguidegpx
S7aMalvern ParkCatherine-de-Barnes, Henwoodguidegpx
S8Balsall CommonBenton Green, Berkswellguidegpx
S9Cheswick GreenDanzey Green, Tanworthguidegpx
S10Solihull LodgeHollywood, Forhillguidegpx
S11Hockley HeathPackwood, Lowsonfordguidegpx
S12Marston GreenElmdon, Catherine-de-Barnesguidegpx
S13Bentley HeathKingswood, Chessetts Woodguidegpx
S15ColeshillWhitacre Heath, Lea Marstonguidegpx
S17Chelmsley WoodBabbs Mill, Sheldonguidegpx
S18Castle BromwichSmiths Wood, Chelmsley Woodguidegpx
S19OltonSolihull town centre, Catherine-de-Barnesguidegpx
M2KnowleRowington, Lowsonfordguidegpx
M5MeridenCorley Moor, Fillongleyguidegpx
M6Monkspath Tanworth, Illshaw Heathguidegpx
M7bBrueton ParkIlshaw Heath, Packwoodguidegpx
M8Balsall CommonBeausale, Wroxallguidegpx
M9Cheswick GreenTanworth, Ullenhallguidegpx
M10Solihull LodgeCannon Hill Park, Sareholeguidegpx
M11Hockley HeathUllenhall, Henleyguidegpx
M12Marston GreenCole Valley, Sareholeguidegpx
M13Bentley HeathKemps Green, Tapster Valleyguidegpx
M14ShirleyForhill, Weatheroakguidegpx
M15ColeshillFurnace End, Nether Whitacreguidegpx
M16LapworthClaverdon, Shrewleyguidegpx
M17Chelmsley WoodElmdon, Ravenshawguidegpx
M18Castle BromwichNew Hall, Water Ortonguidegpx
L1bDorridge StationLittle Shrewley, Lowsonfordguidegpx
L2KnowleBeausale, Hattonguidegpx
L4Dickens HeathPortway, Barnt Greenguidegpx
MeridenMaxstoke, Corleyguidegpx
L7bBrueton ParkIllshaw Heath, Packwoodguidegpx
L8Balsall CommonKenilworth, Beausaleguidegpx
L9Cheswick GreenForhill, Tanworthguidegpx
L11Hockley HeathTanworth, Lowsonfordguidegpx
L15ColeshillKingsbury Water Park, Lea Marstonguidegpx
XL4Dickens HeathRedditch, Ullenhallguidegpx
XL5MeridenCorley Moor, Fillongleyguidegpx
XL8Balsall CommonBeausale, Wroxallguidegpx
XL11Hockley HeathWootton Wawen, Packwoodguidegpx
XL15ColeshillFurnace End, Nether Whitacreguidegpx
XL16LapworthClaverdon, Shrewleyguidegpx
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